It All Started With A Mouse!

Hotdog! It’s November 18th which doesn’t just mean it’s 37 days until Christmas. No! It also marks the date in which our favourite animated Mouse first skipped into our lives and swiftly captured the hearts of many. Yep, Mickey Mouse is now 87 years old and boy, he couldn’t look any better!

It was the animated classic, Steamboat Willie that saw Mickey’s first major debut. He then went on to appear in well over 100 films and is still going strong today.

Watch ‘Steamboat Willie’ here


Mickey Mouse is still just as, if not more iconic to this very day. To celebrate his birthday I have picked out some of fave current fashion pieces featuring this little guy. To buy, just click the product title.


Asos Vans Classic Mickey Mouse £52.00


Forever 21 Mickey Mouse Denim Jacket  £25.00


Cakeworthy Sorcerer Snapback  – Launching on November 23rd


Sugar Bird Alana Dress €107.00


Selfridges Eleven Paris Mickey Mouse Jersey Sweatshirt £60.00


Alex and Ani Mickey Mouse Bangle $39.95


Dooney & Bourke Mickey Mouse Ear Hat Crossbody Bag $228.00


Sweater Junkie Disney Beats Reality £40.00



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